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Gateway Riding Center offers customized training, lesson and exercise packages based on your needs.
Jonelle Reuland, head trainer and instructor, will meet with you to discuss a training or lesson package that meets your specific needs.

Many equestrians come to Gateway Riding Center because they are committed to becoming the best rider they can be, with the horse they already own. Although lessons and training are not required, most boarders do take regular weekly lessons and many have their horses in a regular training program. This gives them the opportunity to learn while their horses are learning, too.

Whatever your passion dressage, leadership and behavior, hunt seat, western pleasure or gaited
our goal is to help your horse develop balance and flexibility while you develop timing, feel
and a secure seat.

For more information please email  Jonelle@gatewayriding.com





Jonelle Reuland, Head Trainer

Jonelle Reuland has more than 20 years of experience. Her passion is classical dressage but she uses an eclectic approach to training, seeking the best from a variety of disciplines that range from behavior and leadership to western pleasure. She has studied equine behavior for many years and is an expert resource and has been a guest clinician on riding for equine behavior students at the Etologisk Institute in Denmark. Her goal when opening GRC was to “make this a learning environment”. She works with a fitness expert to better understand how she can help students improve their equitation based on riders’ differing body styles and fitness levels. She regularly participates and hosts clinics with international level riding experts and regularly attends riding and training instructor workshops at Vitor Silva’s Sons of the Wind School of Equestrian Arts in Merrimac, Mass.

She has experience with a wide range of horses but specializes in the unique training and development needs of Baroque and Iberian horses. She owns, trains and rides her own Iberian horses, Tolerante, a Lusitano stallion and Lucero, an Andalusian gelding, in addition to schooling these breeds of horses for clients.

Her speciality is helping riders learn to ride with contact but in the same self-carriage they expect of their horses so they do not use contact to balance themselves off the horse’s mouth.

Jonelle is a frequent contributor to The Sentinel, an equine newspaper. Her articles have included selecting a horse, tips on getting the most out of your lesson http://www.saddleshop.com/sentinel/articles/tentips.htm  and training dollars, and improving your leadership and riding skills.

To contact Jonelle:  Jonelle@gatewayriding.com


Katie Boeke, Assistant Trainer
and Lesson Instructor

Katie is a horsewoman with more than 10 years of experience, who has worked at GRC since it opened. She specializes in leadership skills, both on the ground and under saddle. These skills serve her well since her specialty is giving young and green horses the confidence they need to take on new challenges that include learning to be ridden outside on trails, dealing with “arena monsters” and learning how to jump. An intuitive and self confident rider, she is studying classical riding to improve her skills. She is a valued member of the barn staff, where she pays careful attention to the care and handling of every horse on the property.

To contact Katie: Katie@gatewayriding.com

Kara Hegenbaumer, Assistant Trainer
and Lesson Instructor

Kara has been at Gateway since 2002. She has more than 15 years experience and is an accomplished horsewoman and instructor who is now studying classical riding. She had ridden and competed in Western riding and hunt seat. She enjoys challenging her students to improve themselves but never at the risk of compromising safety or their leadership skills. Kara is a valued member of the barn staff and pays careful attention to the care and handling of every horse on the property.

To contact Kara: Kara@gatewayriding.com

Jen Rakas, Assistant Trainer
and Lesson Instructor

Jen Rakas has been an instructor at Gateway Riding Center since it opened. She has loved horses since she was a child and has been a horse owner for more than 20 years. Not only an experienced horsewoman, Jen is also a kindergarten teacher. She specializes in helping beginning students, both children and adults, have safe, positive experiences by carefully teaching all aspects of horse handling and behavior to develop a strong foundation for horsemanship and riding.

To contact Jen: Jen@gatewayriding.com



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